Meet the Sensitive Rentals family!

Mark and Katy of Sensitive Rentals had their own sensitivities to cleaning and laundry products as well as air fresheners that made traveling challenging and cumbersome on their health. They realized that a cleaning or laundry product that worked for them did not work for everyone. Everyone has their own tolerance and/or preferences and they wanted something that could work for everyone. That one thing that they found is transparency.  With more details about the listings, renters can make their own educated choices based on their preferences or “sensitivities” and hopefully create less stress for them when traveling. Also, it is their hope that rental properties can find like-minded tenants that align to their policies easier.

Sensitive Rentals currently provides details on categories, such as but not limited to fragrance free, cleaning and laundry products, types of kitchenware, emf’s, off-gassing or new construction, bedding, insecticides, pesticides, fungicides, herbicides, air filters, water filters, mold testing, dehumidifiers, swimming pool/hot tub, go-green/eco-friendly, animals, smoke free, heating and air systems, etcetera.  We hope that this directory will help rental property owners and renters better connect with one another. We are always looking on improving our service and are open to suggestions. Please feel free to contact us or please follow us on Facebook and Instagram.